Making the SwiftMigrate Demonstration Video

We needed a promotional demonstration video to market our niche Knowledge Content Migration system, SwiftMigrate and help us land some clients looking to migrate from Oracle Knowledge to Oracle Knowledge Advanced. Our video presentation had to build trust, convey the key features and benefits, and serve as sales and marketing tool for us and our partners worldwide. No pressure, right?

We needed a video that at once looked modern and professional as well as slick and corporate. It all started with a script. The script had to be concise yet exculpatory. With little narrative to lean on, we quickly wrote a script with some humor baked in to lighten the mood. After some discussion and a test shoot, we decided it was a little too silly, a little to sales-y, and a little too long. We cut out a bunch of the silly, reworded the script and removed some extraneous information that muddied rather than convinced.

I took a day with our test video and script and put together some demo shots on my computer at home in 1440p. I ran through the script and identified the length and target demo items for each section of the demo. These would serve as an outline as I worked to record each section of the demonstration of the software migration on my computer. With each item outlined, I walked through and took some notes on how each section should look, and prepared the components on my desktop.

Using VLC, I am able to capture my desktop to video easily. So I took some time and setup my web browser, careful to hide extensions and bookmarks to ensure a clean, distraction free interface. I setup my desktop with the Aries Consulting Group logo and changed display and font settings to make things more visible. I cleaned up our target system and ran through the demo parts a few times, recording MP4 footage into a directory on my hard drive.

With a tighter script in hand we needed a modern, corporate backdrop to film at. After some searching, we were able to secure a location for a few hours on a Saturday at one of our client’s offices that had been built out recently and had a clean look with lots of natural light. So I went and got my haircut, ironed a shirt, and threw on a jacket. We all met at 10 am Saturday to shoot our video.

We have a full media production team in house and are able to shoot and edit 4k video and professional audio. With our brand new Sony 4k video cameras and Ronkinon lenses we were sure to get crisp, clean, beautiful video. On site, we proceeded to rearrange and setup for the shoot. Cameras and lights were positioned, the slider setup to get those hot sweeping side shots, background lighting to set the scene, and furniture moved around to give me a place to sit. We adjusted lights, backgrounds, blinds, moved chairs, and 4 hours later the scene was perfect. The cameras were in place. The lighting was just right, and the audio was loud and clear.

With the teleprompter setup it was time to shoot. Now I’m no stranger to speaking, but being video taped, not really my thing. Turns out I’m not so bad at it after all. I guess the last decade of reading aloud every night to my kids has paid off. After a test shoot and a few adjustments we were filming for real! I read through it a few times, the whole script, to make sure we got a good clean version all the way through. A little less car salesman, a little more relaxed and friendly (not my usual disposition). 30 minutes later that was a wrap! We cleaned up, put everything back just where it was when we arrived, and took off to start editing.

We wanted this video to show off our abilities to make compelling corporate style demonstration video. We have years of experience creating professional video. So we pulled all the footage into Avid, and started weaving the video together. We built up namebars, animated logos, and fly critical information on and off the screen. With the final editing and color correction complete, we are ready to show our promo to the world!