Case Studies

Aries Consulting Group has worked with clients just like you to build awesome projects blending design and technology to deliver delightful experiences. Read about some of our favorite projects here.

Amazon Alexa Skill

Amazon EchoLearn how Aries Consulting Group developed an Amazon Alexa skill to integrate the Wizdee NLP Reporting System with Amazon Alexa.

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NemoQ Web Integration

Wait Time ExampleLearn how Aries Consulting Group built a framework to show wait times on the web from 6 offices running NemoQ’s ticketing and queuing software.

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Custom Development

Learn how Aries Consulting Group helped develop the Grill Builder, a custom web application that lets customers build and price the outdoor kitchen of their dreams!

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Promotional Video

Learn how Aries Consulting Group put together a promotional video to promote a niche product, build trust, and attract new clients.

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