At the Intersection of Design & Technology

We are a technology consultancy, bringing together the art and science of modern business to deliver overwhelming value to your customers. Combining our varied and seasoned experience, with a practical perspective on solving today’s challenges, we are here to help you meet your market at the intersection of design and technology.

We develop superior interactions with your customers from first impression through the customer life cycle, help automate crucial processes, and deliver tailored integration solutions that improve your business. Aries Consulting Group provides the strategic advice, practical plans, and delightful designs to bring your ideas to life. We also deliver the quality media, software, and business process solutions that ensure each customer interaction is critical and profitable.

Software Solutions

Knowledge Content Migration

Looking at a move from Oracle Knowledge to Oracle Knowledge Advanced?

Thinking about a knowledge data migration?

In our experience knowledge data migrations are risky, time consuming, and expensive. Getting all of the details right can be a headache. And there’s added pressure because data migrations are critical to project success. That’s why we developed Swift-Migrate, our right-every-time data migration solution. We are so confident, that we offer a no strings attached demonstration for free. Contact us to get started.

Design & Branding

Are you looking for a better image?

You need to make a bold statement to get anyone’s attention these days. Your brand, your identity and your profits are directly related.

Put your company first with world class branding, design, and graphics. Don’t go cookie cutter, don’t grab a template, and don’t leave your brand in the hands of some stranger from “the gig economy”. From print to video to web, Aries Consulting Group’s more than fifteen years of experience delivering stunning graphic design puts your business first in the minds of your customers. We’ve produced digital media for government entities, international companies, sports and entertainment stars, retail chains as well as smaller brands and businesses that are savvy enough to know that experience is what makes the difference.

Chatbots & Voice Apps

Alexa, do I need a chatbot? Yes!

Is a chatbot a good idea for your website? Do your customers want to talk to you on your Facebook page? Have you been thinking about offering voice apps on Amazon Alexa/Echo and Google Home?

 A chatbot or voice app can be a risky proposition. While they are all the rage right now, do you know how to implement one? Will your customers know they are talking to a bot? Will they like that, hate it, will the bot make them mad? At Aries Consulting Group, we know how to make chatbots and voice apps that work better, delight your customers, and increase satisfaction.

You probably have a million questions about chatbots and voice apps. Aries Consulting Group has your answers. We can work with your business to determine how best to leverage these new and exciting technologies. Build interactions with your customers that will improve customer satisfaction, improve engagement, and sell more product. We can even show you how to leverage your existing knowledge base to speed chatbot configuration and we will help you integrate your bot into any platform or website.

Case Study

Making the SwiftMigrate Video


These days, video is essential!

Video sells more product, spreads more ideas, and teaches more than ever before.

Use high-quality video in your marketing materials and advertising to improve engagement and sales. Aries Consulting Group can produce video for marketing and advertising from script to post. We’ll help you get the word out with 4K resolution, professional editing, audio, and music. Over 12 years of experience producing video for business’ large an small, Aries is the natural choice for video in Central Florida or anywhere in the world!

Looking to build training videos for your employees or customers? Aries can help you choose the best location, write and refine scripts, and manage shooting, editing, and post-production. Deliver quality training materials time and time again with high quality video and audio.

Our onsite live room and professional recording studio is perfect for recording music, voice overs, and narration. Looking to record an audio book? Developing a video game and need voice over recording? Our expert engineers and audio producers can guide you through the process from booking to mastering to ensure professional results.

Amazon Web Services

Go high performance on Amazon Web Services!

Looking for a scalable, high performance WordPress solution that doesn’t break the bank?

Do you need to make sure your website is up, and fast? Our tailored solutions put you in control with customized WordPress deployments on Amazon Web Services including content delivery network, high performance caching, and resilient architectures that keep you running even when you go viral. Pay for what you use to keep costs down and scale up capacity as demand increases.

Looking to develop high-performance servless solutions on Lambda?

Perhaps you need help developing an IoT solution that integrates with Amazon Alexa? Want to run Oracle Knowledge in the cloud? We can help you move your workloads to the cloud or develop new applications to meet your market needs. Integrations and migrations are our specialty.

Build an AWS Solution